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The season was going well for the ASU baseball team. They were on a five game win streak and looked like nothing could slow them down. This was until the coronavirus pandemic stepped up to the plate and broke up the momentum.

The deadly virus is impacting just about every aspect of life, and even America’s favorite pastime is susceptible to it. Baseball at every level, all the way down from little league to the the big league, is either cancelled or postponed because of the outbreak.

The Sun Devils season, along with all NCAA Spring sports, was completely cancelled…

Courtesy of Ezra Shaw-Getty Images

There was a lot of Steph Curry slander last season after he suffered a season-ending wrist injury and the Warriors finished with the worst record in the league at a record of 15–50. Many NBA fans wrote Curry off last year and at the beginning of the season this year. All of those fans seemingly forgot just how good he truly is and that he is a transcendent talent that has revolutionized the game of basketball forever. It was said repeatedly that this was the season where Curry was going to get ‘exposed’ since he did not have multiple all-stars…

Photo of Staci Smith (left) and Natalie Smith (right) (Photo courtesy of Staci Smith)

Growing up, Staci Smith, the Horizon Honors swim and dive coach, did not have the luxury of having her parents attend her high school swim meets like most kids do. Now as a mother herself, she has the chance to do what her parents did not and be at her daughter’s swim meets not as a spectator, but as her coach.

“My parents did not coach me, and they unfortunately couldn’t always make all my swim meets,” Smith said.

Smith has a deeply rooted career in swim that dates back to over 20 years ago when she taught swim lessons…

Dillon Carlson before competing in a meet (Photo Courtesy Dillon Carlson)

It is Dillon Carlson’s senior year at Horizon Honors and he is running forward with determination in his eyes, as he is set on the ultimate achievement, making state in cross country. But how did he get to this point?

And will it end with his ultimate destination — lining up at the start line on Nov. 13 at Cross Roads Park in Gilbert, for the Division IV AIA Cross Country State Championships?

The only way to tell Carlson’s story properly is to journey back to where this motivation and passion for running all began. It was a fateful night…

With baseball season fully underway at all levels of the game, America’s favorite pastime was in the full swing of things. From the high school level, all the way to the MLB, fans could go out to the parks and watch their favorite sport. That was until the coronavirus decided to intervene. The global pandemic of COVID-19 resulted in the postponement of the MLB season, the cancellation of the remainder of the NCAA baseball season (including all other Spring sports in session and Winter sports) and the cancellation of all high school sports throughout Arizona.

Of these three levels of…

The Horizon Honors Monster (photo courtesy Horizon Honors Boys Baseball Facebook)

The Horizon Honors baseball team is shifting gears from turning tires to running bases. And this time around, the Eagles are finally reaching home plate in the form of a baseball field that they can call their own. The new addition of a baseball and softball field, along with a gym and workout facility, has revolutionized Horizon Honors athletics by giving the sports teams a whole new identity.

“They love the new field, they now feel like they have a true home field advantage because this field is now theirs,” said athletic director Nate Agostini.

After constantly traveling from campus…

Photo credit Cardinal Media

Have you ever developed a bond with an object or activity at an early age that you believe is inseparable to the point where you cannot live on this earth without it? If the answer is yes, I am sure that you would be willing to say that this certain object or activity has affected your life in a big way, and it has become a part of who you are. Some people are passionate about music, entertainment, or traveling, while some are passionate about sports. The difference between sports fans and their level of passion compared to those other…

Photo Credit: Breanne Ash Photography

Banner Island Ballpark is silent. There are no cheers from fans, no smell of cracker jacks and no crack of the bat, proving that even America’s favorite pastime is vulnerable to the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease.

Players, coaches and staff members all the way from the ticket sales operators, to the front office of the Stockton Ports Single-A baseball team are all directly affected by the aftermath of the coronavirus disease in more ways than one. …

The Eagles ahead of practice. (Horizon Honors Girls Volleyball Facebook photo)

Going into the 2020 season, the Horizon Honors girls volleyball team had many challenges ahead of them. From the lack of experience on the team all the way to the difficult opponents that they were scheduled to face, there were many obstacles ahead of them, yet one of the biggest challenges is one that nobody could have predicted at the conclusion of last season.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many changes to all of high school sports in Arizona and the regulations put in place to allow safe play among student athletes throughout the state. It comes as no surprise…

Photo courtesy of Haden Umdenstock

Haden Umdenstock laces his skates and throws on a new crimson red and white jersey with the letters O and U on the front. This basic routine is not the first time the game of hockey had Umdenstock throwing on a new jersey and taking the ice for another team in a completely different state, in fact this is not even the first time the game took him to an entirely new country.

For most, sports are an escape from reality or a fun hobby that is played to get exercise and pass the time, but for Umdenstock, it is…

Parker Dunn

Sports Journalist at Arizona State University and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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